Terminal Service Client Access Licenses Error

Terminal Services Client Access License Error



 Application Launch Error

Symptoms:  When user try to access application through launchpad, above mentioned error appears.

Cause:  The terminal server might not be able to locate the license server.

Solution: To resolve this error at client machine, please follow the below steps

  1. On Client system go to Run, type regedit and press Ok.
  2. Registry Editor window will appear

For 32 bit

  1. Now navigate to the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE," "SOFTWARE," "Microsoft," and "MSLicensing."

For 64 bit

  1. HKey_Local_MAchine\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\MSLicensing


  1. Delete MSLicensing folder.
  2. Restart the system and then check the application access again.

If it still showing the same error then

  1. go to C:\Windows\System32
  2. right click on MSTSC.exe file
  3. select “run as administrator”
  4. enter credentials and then try application access


If this doesn’t solve the issue then

 check RDC(mstsc.exe) version under “C:\Windows\System32”

Right click on mstsc.exe select properties

If version is v5.0 then upgrade it to v6.0 and check.


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