TSE v7 App role stays red after installation on Windows 2012 R2

TSE v7 App role stays red after installation on Windows 2012 R2

Modified on: Tue, 24 Feb, 2015 at 6:34 PM

Problem: TSE v7 App role on Windows 2012 R2 remains red on

                TSE v7 Console - Manage- Servers page.

Description: TSE v7 supports Windows 2012 R2 the latest server OS from Microsoft. After installing TSE v7 on the box and installing the TSE App role on it , the role status may not turn green after the install completes.


Reason: This is because for some reason the registration of the Thinspace TSE Monitor service fails during installation of the TSE APP role. When opening the Windows Server Services snap-in (services,msc) the TSE Monitor Service will be missing.


Fix : Manually register the Thinspace TSE Monitor Service Exe for it to show up under the Services console.

Open a command prompt under Admin context and go to the path where the exe 'CanaveralMonitor.exe' resides and type >CanaveralMonitor.exe /service 

Eg: >>  c:\Program Files (x86)\Thinspace\WTSServer\CanaveralMonitor.exe /service


Go to Service snap-in and the service" Thinspace TSE Monitor" should show up. Start the service and the App role status should go green on the TSE Console- Manage- Servers page.

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